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To Market cattle with “Cattle Country Video” (CCV) a consignor needs to contact a CCV representative who then fills out a consignment form which lists all important information about a specific set of cattle. He will also film a good representation of these cattle with a video or digital camera. The consignment form will be sent to the “Cattle Country Video” office where it will be entered into a database; a catalog will be produced, mailed and loaded to Cattle Country Video and Cattle Usa’s websites. The video will be edited for the websites as well as for the day of the auction. On the day of the auction, consignors and buyers are invited to attend the sale which will be held at specific locations. Cattle are auctioned by an auctioneer to the highest bidder/buyer which could be on a phone, on the internet, or at the auction. After the sale, each consignor will receive a down payment and contract. The representative will contact both the buyer and seller to make delivery arrangements. A CCV representative will attend all deliveries, and after all cattle are weighed, a check from CCV’s custodial account or participating partner’s custodial account will be written to the consignor for the agreed amount, less commission and any other applicable fees. Cattle will be picked up at a location designated by the consignor and shipped to the buyer’s destination. Being able to ship cattle directly from a farm/ranch reduces stress, sickness and any potential health problems.

CCV promises that we will continue to deliver the very highest level of service and marketing expertise, from consignment contract to delivery that we have provided in the past.   

Seller & Buyer Terms & Conditions

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