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Our most recent sale, conducted at Gering, NE on August 5th, 2014 was very successful. We had many people join us the evening before to enjoy steaks with all the trimmings surrounded by the picturesque setting at Five Rocks Amphitheater. The sale was attended by over 500 people at the Gering Civic Center, their participation on this offering helped create a new market top for Cattle Country Video and Consignors. Additionally nearly 1100 potential buyers were logged on the internet bidding site to participate in the auction. You may find a complete listing of sale results and market report on the Sale Results Page.

Our next sale will be on Tuesday, September 16th at the Haythorn Ranch in Ogallala, Nebraska. Deadline for Ogallala is Friday, August 29th. Contact your Rep or a Rep in your area to consign.

It is truly our privilege to serve our clientele, the American Beef Producer.

Sandhills Roundup
Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
10:00 am MT
Haythorn Ranch - Ogallala, Nebraska
Offering 14,000 + Head
Featuring a Large Offering of Bred Females
See below for Details
& Supplement Lots

Join us Monday, September 15th
for Calf Fry.

6:00 pm - Haythorn Ranch

Sandhills Roundup - 14,000 + Head
2,341.....Yearling Steers
1,802.....Yearling Heifers
630........Weaned Str & Hfr Calves
4,113.....Steer Calves
2,256.....Heifer Calves
2,869.....Bred Females
Featured Bred Females
Kuhn Ranch
690 Blk Angus, few Bwf Bred Hfrs, 1000#; AI’d to Baldridge Uppercut & In Focus/Objectives Mother, Cleaned up for 30 days, CF: 1/15/15 to 2/15/15;
Located: Belvedere, KS
David Heier
175 Red Bred Hfrs, 1050#, AI’d to Redemption, Cleaned up w/ Red Angus Bulls; CF: 100 hd: 2/1/15 to 2/25/15; 75 hd 2/25/15 to 4/1/15
150 Blk Bred Hfrs, 1050#, AI’d to Conneally Insure, Cleaned up w/ Grandson of Insure; CF: 98 hd 2/1/15 to 2/25/15; 52 hd 2/25/15 to 4/1/15
35 Char/Red Angus Bred Hfrs, AI’d to Redemption, Cleaned up with Red Angus, CF: 2/1/15 to 3/25/15; Located: Manhatten, KS
Lewis Ranch
160 Blk, few Bwf Bred Hfrs, 1100#; AI’d to LBW Angus
125 Blk Bred Hfrs, 1000#; AI Bred to Barstow Cash Bull; CF: 3/1/15 to 3/22/15; Located: Lusk, WY
Johnson Partnership
165 Blk Bred Hfrs, 975#, AI’d; CF 4/15/15 to 5/25/15, WY
VAP Cattle
200 Blk Bred Cows; 1250#, Bred to Rolling Rock Angus Bulls; CF: 3/27/15 to 5/9/15; Located: Clearmont, WY
150 Blk/Bwf Bred Hfrs, 1050, Bred to Rolling Rock Angus Bulls or 5L Red Angus Bulls; CF: 1/7/15 to 2/7/15; Located: Atwood, KS
Trey Wasserburger
324 Blk, few Bwf Bred Cows, 1150-1200#; Bred to Stevenson Blk Angus Bulls; CF: 3/1/15 to 4/30/15; 240 hd 3 & 4 yr olds; 84 hd 5 & 6 yr olds; Located: NW Torrington, WY
Bar None Ranches
220 Blk Bred Cows, 3 & 4 yr olds, 1150#; Bred to Stevenson Angus Bulls; CF: 4/1/15 to 5/31/15; Located: Laramie, WY
Zia Ag Consulting
297 Blk, few Bwf Bred Cows, 1100-1250#; Bred to Red Angus Ludvigson Bulls, CF: 2/15/15 to 4/15/15; WY/CO Origin; Located: Orlando, OK Selling in 3 Lots: 200 hd 2’s cmg 3’s, 65 hd 3’s cmg 4’s, & 32 hd 8 to 10 yr olds
MEG Corp
40 Blk, few Bwf Bred Cows, 1200#; Bred to Angus Bulls; CF: 2/1/15 to 4/16/15; Located: Cassoday, KS
RO Bar Ranch
38 Blk/Bwf, few Red 3yr old Pairs, 1150#, W Casper, WY
For Complete Details and Video Preview on Bred Females go to our Catalog Page.
Bred Females will be sorted into lots according to Age & Calving Dates

Sandhills Roundup
Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
10:00 am MT
Haythorn Ranch - Ogallala, NE
Offering 14,000 + Head
Yearlings, Calves & Bred Females
Sandhills Roundup
Preview Lots
Broadcast on Channel 998
View Sale & Bid Online @ Cattle USA
Sale Day Bid Line: 308-355-6002
Supplement Lots

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