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Upcoming Sale

January 26, 2022 - In House Video - Moved from January 19th

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    Sale Info 

    Location: Torrington Livestock Markets
    Time: 1:00 pm          
    Broadcast: Online on Cattle USA 
    Online: Cattle USA
    Bid Line: 307-532-3333  

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    Sale Offering: 1676 head
    564 head of the Fancy Tillard Ranch Steers
    180 Heifers from Nottingham Ranch - Leachman Genetics

    Pat & Sherri Cullen 148 Weaned Steers

    Andy & Twila Barnette 180 Weaned Steers

    5W Livestock 88 Weaned Steers

    Rodgers Ranch 88 Weaned Heifers
    Brad & Heather Reese 315 Weaned Steers and 112 Weaned Heifers                                         


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News & Updates

Welcome new and returning customers. Thank you to both buyers and sellers for another successful production season. Moving forward we will again, offer monthly Video Sales in house at Torrington Livestock Markets. Please watch our schedule for upcoming dates. Contact your rep or a rep in your area to consign.     
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